Thursday, October 19, 2006

Morogoro and amani centre

Last week we were on exchange to morogoro where 2 other girls from out college has their feild placement. They live and work at a day centre for mentaly disabled children and we joined them in their talsks. None of the chiildren have a more specific diagnose than mentally disabled and it is more like baby sitting than anything else, wich is a shame becasue they have enough volenteers to stimulate them inividually, but they don't have the expetice or knowledge. But on the other hand they are very lucky compared to other children who are keept hidden and not treated as human beings. It was very hard to visit a 15 year old boy who had marks from rope because he had been tied to a bed all his life, and he had almost lost his sight because he was never outside. Horrible, but at the same time inspiering to take him for a walk and see how things were changing not only in that home but in the whole community because of the work that was being done.


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